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Mathias Tjonn
Original Music

Originally from Oslo Norway, Mathias is a musician/composer trying to make it in New York City. With both a BA in History and Archaeology from the University of Rome, Italy (I kid you not) and a BM in Performance and Contemporary Composition & Production from Berklee College of Music, Mathias has seen enough classrooms and study halls to know that it's time to get out there and make some music! He performs regularly around the city as a solo artist, works as a freelance composer for film & television and DJs under the moniker of DJ Emoticon.

Palmyra is delightfully difficult to pin down: 3/5 Jersey, 2/5 Brooklyn, a rhythm section of jazz nuts, a lead guitarist with rock and roll pulsating loudly through his veins, a trumpet-player/vocalist who creates killer lines with his eyes closed and a singer/songwriter focused on composition, arrangement and moving vocals. The band released its first album, Mis-En-Scene, on June 14th, 2008 at Flux Factory. They are currently recording a follow-up EP and making plans to tour in the fall and winter of 2009/2010.

noble three

Acting as more or less a front for the Nashville-based singer-songwriter Patrick Rickelton and Atlanta-based Tres Crow, Noble Three was born slowly but surely out of Rickelton and Crow’s mutual adoration of 60’s pop and mid-90’s alternative. As two of the principal songwriters for Nashville favorites Greenland, they made a brief appearance on Good Morning America based on the strength of Crow’s bouncy number, “The Way It Is.” The song garnered Greenland the Best Song award in the YouTube Underground video contest and has helped solidify Rickelton and Crow as up-and-coming songwriters.

Brooke Waggoner
Brooke's beautiful and complex melodies come from a wide range of influences - from Chopin to Simon & Garfunkel. She graduated from LSU with a degree in music composition & orchestration and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Brooke writes and composes all of her own string arrangements and has just completed an orchestral-driven album to follow up her first EP, "Fresh Pair of Eyes." Her music can envelope the listener in rich, organic tones and touching lyrics - nurturing an atmosphere that is both familiar and uniquely perseptive.

Lindsay Katt

Lindsay Katt’s ethereal voice and introspective nature have found a place in the music business. She is a new name in the landscape that welcomes forward thinking female singer-songwriters, from Fiona Apple to the wonderful Joni Mitchell. Self taught in the mountains of Montana, she developed her own unique style, taking chances with her sound and lyrics. The resulting melodies are haunting, uplifting, poignant and quirky. Continually pushing herself and challenging her listeners, Katt hopes that they can embrace the personal music she’s creating and find some truth of their own invention.

the defending champions

The Defending Champions are a fun-lovin, ball-sockin, hard-rockin 6-piece band from Verona, New Jersey. They play a mix of rock/reggae/ska/soul and have been known to blow peoples' hair right off their heads. Some fans have even been known to loose complete control over their bodily functions during shows due to The Defending Champions' extreme rocking and legendary status. THey love playing music and all they care about is you having fun while listening. Their music inspires you to dance, drink, rock out, smile, and laugh.

coeur de pirate

Cœur de pirate is Béatrice Martin, a young woman who has played the piano since she was 3. After five years of conservatoire, she feels the urge to write her own songs to express her feelings, emotions and experiences and is quickly recruited by band Bonjour Brumaire as keyboard player. In spring 2008, she decides to concentrate on her solo project, Cœur de pirate, inspired by the music she grew up to (French and folk music). With only 4 shows on her tour book and little help from myspace, she signs with Grosse Boîte (Dare To Care) and spends the summer recording her first album with David Brunet (Tricot machine, Daniel Boucher, etc…) and playing festivals such as Les Francofolies de Montreal and Osheaga.

Steso Songs

Steso Songs is what Karolina Stenström calls herself when she makes her piano songs with dark lyrics and beautiful, pretty childlike melodies. Through the Spring of 2009 she's been to the US where she played the SXSW Festival and in San Francisco. Her debut album will be released autumn 2009 through her own label Lyckan. "Steso Songs has a chance of breaking big. She only has an EP under her belt but is young, attractive (don't downplay the importance of that), and talented" wrote US blog Swedesplease.

Proud Simon
Proud Simon is a collection of sounds and stories as told by Brian Keenan, a singer/songwriter living in Brooklyn, New York. The stories are well worn, a suitcase full of postcards, seashells and animal statues. Each item invokes the path the listener has traveled, a document of shared experiences. They recently released "Night of Criminals", a two-act record capturing the revelry of workday hope, and a descent into temptation at nightfall. They are currently working on a new record, "Anchors Aweigh" with producer Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams, REM, Willie Nelson) to be released in fall 2009.

Peter Broderick

Peter Broderick is a musician/composer from Portland, Oregon. As a child he studied classical violin, but over time he has mastered many different instruments. In mid 2007, Peter was invited by some of his heroes, the Danish ensemble Efterklang, to move to Copenhagen and join their live band. His 2008 album,“Home,” reveals him to be a songwriter and musician of astonishing maturity and depth. Those who spend time with this gorgeous album will come to view it like an old friend… reassuring, consoling, dependable.

pale young gentlemen

Pale Young Gentlemen formed in a large unused bedroom in Madison, Wisconsin in August of 2004. Brothers Michael & Matt Reisenauer and friend Brett Randall started out as a three-piece (piano, drums, guitar) but soon added Milwaukee-based musician Andrew Brawner (bass) and cellist Elizabeth Weamer. Drawing upon the folk-classical movements of Brahms, the evocative storytelling of Randy Newman, and the pop orchestration and sensibilities of Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney, Pale Young Gentlemen fashion a unique and compelling sound in the chilly atmosphere of Wisconsin's capitol.

The Botticellis

"The Botticellis play shimmering power pop steeped in a classic analog sound, orchestral melodies and the California Sunshine. Their breakthrough album, "Old Home Movies" updates the sound of such legends as Big Star and George Harrison with a dose of the Shins and Grizzly Bear. Gracing too many "best of 2008" lists to count, including those of Paste, All Music Guide and Future Sounds, Old Home Movies has emerged as a critic's favorite and one of the strongest debut albums of 2008." -Lawrence Journal-World

the measure SA

Over the last few years, The Measure [SA] have crept around just beneath the radar of mainstream punk rock, taking their folk-influenced West Coast pop-punk from basement to basement and releasing a steady stream of 7"s on just about every small-scale label around. Critical self-analysis runs hand-in-hand with late-twenties cynicism, yet bouncy melodies and a touch of Springsteen-esque feel-good rock and roll keep The Measure from drowning the listener in a sea of despair. Quite the opposite, as the songs have a peculiar tendency to bring a smile to one’s face with the knowledge that life’s not all bad and there’s still good people playing their hearts out just for the fun of it.

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